ZMATCH City is experience, culture and sustainability. Live our values without giving up on the fun. In 2021 and 2022, the event took place in Jalapão. Check out everything that happened in the video below.

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Annually, the ZMATCHERS head in one direction and meet up in Jalapão for a special event.
The community lives our sustainable ideals, has a complete experience with technological solutions, and enjoys themselves in contact with nature.

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Embark on this adventure with those who understand the subject, have true fanatics for amazing machines as guides, and get a taste of what our ZMATCH community feels in our gatherings. See the entire experience that our members live, visit our YouTube channel, and immerse yourself in a bit of ZMATCH City and our clean and innovative atmosphere.

ZMATCH at the Porsche Cup

Surrounding ourselves with enthusiasts of mobility and amazing machines, ZMATCH makes its presence felt as a partner in the electrifying Porsche Cup, the largest single-brand competition in Brazil. We believe that this shared passion brings us together and creates opportunities to learn how to build bridges between today and tomorrow, racing side by side on the main racetracks of the continent and exploring the future of mobility.