Who we are

Hello We're ZMATCH.

A fanatic community for exploring new ways to command incredible engines powered by Clean Energy. Our community will have access to production, consumption, or investment in clean energy.


Starting in March 2022, we began, in partnership with our Zealers (independent multi-brand dealers), buying and selling cars. All our partners go through a curation process and are companies with great credibility and expertise in the market. In May 2024, we launched the vehicle subscription operation, offering all options available in the market with a focus on meeting the complete customer journey, from decision-making to usage experience and renewal. We believe that by combining the best of technology with the best of humanity, we have a unique offering for our customers with cars selected based on each individual's needs and a personalized experience. The offer is complemented by the installation of charging infrastructure, access to partner charging networks, the possibility of prepaid energy, and other services such as armor plating, concierge, maintenance pickup and drop-off, and extra cars. The zMatch customer never stops and only needs to worry about driving their car. Combos with micro-mobility options can be offered when the customer desires.

Our goal is to be agnostic and then ensure that the customer is really at the center.


ZBEE will provide access to clean energy, so that our community fulfills its main role of taking care of the planet, building together what we call an urban forest.

Come onboard and we'll explain it the way.


Sylvio de Barros

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Renata Porto

Co-founder e Co-CEO/CMO

Angelo Claudiano

Tech Lead

Luiz Alfaya


Mario Rubino

Head of Mobilidade

Our “Z” way

We believe that the true meaning of ZMATCH lies in experiencing the amazing technological advancements in balance with nature. We share our story, ideals, and big dreams in more details in the book "Vem que a gente explica no caminho", where you can understand the reason behind the title of behind the title of tech enthusiasts with their feet on the ground. Come onboard and we'll explain it the way., onde você pode entender o motivo por trás do título de amantes da tecnologia com pé no chão.