Smart Mobility

Get to know this new way of moving around the city. With our subscription plans, you have access to an easy and fun experience, join the universe of electrics, and become part of a community passionate about amazing engines and nature.


Find exclusive offers of the best multi-brand cars, carefully selected by our Zealers, partner companies with great credibility and expertise in the market. Zealers will offer a personalized experience and exclusive conditions for car purchase and you even gain access to incredible electric vehicles for testing and sale. Come on! Your next vehicle is right here, waiting for you.

subscription platform

A smart way to own a car. ZMATCH helps you arrive at the best choice. All plans are customized, you will find combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, with access to clean energy here. A comprehensive solution for you to live today, the future of mobility.

ZMATCH Concierge

Do you want to subscribe, buy or sell a car? ZMATCH Concierge is a humanized service that helps you in whatever you need.


In our Super App, you will have unified access of all information about your mobility in one place. You can manage and organize your choices on how to move around the city.

For us, everyone should live the experience of electric mobility. At ZMATCH, you will have access to electric cars and other electric modes, consultation for charger infrastructure installation, and access to ZMATCH Stations and other charging hubs.