We’re passionate about amazing engines powered by Clean Energy. A new mobility experience. Come onboard and we'll explain it on the way.

Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of Brazil's circulating fleet, pursuing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Those who are curious but still use combustion vehicles, we offer access to subscription plans with electric cars so you can get to know and test them.

Those who want to join this universe can choose and get fascinated with hybrid vehicle plans.

Those who already felt in love can choose electric car plans and get inspired to write a great story with us.

Everybody contributing to the preservation of the planet and quality of life of its inhabitants.


Find a smarter way to get around. At ZMATCH you can get the vehicle that suits you best. You can buy and sell incredible cars, and still contribute to the environment.

Clean energy

ZBee is the zMatch unit that connects you to clean energy consumption from solar source. Let's build together a community that moves towards a more sustainable future.

Experience, culture, and sustainability

ZMATCH City is our vertical of content, culture, social projects, and sustainability. Our community will live the essence and ideals we share and build a legacy for society.


Financial services

Exclusive area for ZMATCHERS, with access to special plots, financing, and insurance. This will be launched soon.


ZMATCH was born in August 2021, idealized by Sylvio de Barros, founder of Webmotors and iCarros. With more than 200 investors gathered in its first moment, the company's culture and brand were born before the first service. We believe not only that the future of mobility is electric but also in the importance of changing the energy matrix to clean and sustainable energy sources.

Join this community enthusiastic and passionate about sustainable energy community.

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